About Mocca Crew

Here you will find an abridged version of the page in english. The rest of the page is only available in danish. You might however still find the pictures section interesting.

Mocca Crew (or as spelled by using the linguistically concepts of 1337-speak: Mocca Crew) is a group of young Danish boys, originating in the town of Aalborg, who has produced such cult films as "Cykel Dima fra Ukraine" (Cycle Dima from Ukraine), "Osnabrück on fire am main", a commercial antology just known as "Reklamer" (Commercials) and the serious short film "Mark efter Mark" (Field after Field).


The group or lodge as they like to call their little community consists of the five members Dmitri, Erik, Mads, Niels and Jeppe. The four members met at the Aalborghus Gymnasium (A Danish gymnasium is translated to the American school system a high school) where they attended the same class. They quickly developed a clique in the class and did all kinds of humoristic but yet foolish things. The group also has a pending member or prospect as they call it in their own Mocca-terms called Lasse. Lasse isn't a full integrated member of the lodge because he didn't attend the same class at the gymnasium. One of the differences in being a full integrated member of the lodge and only a prospect is the right to wear the fabulous Mocca Shirts.

It is unknown even by the members when the name/term Mocca Crew was applied to the little community but some theories and speculations dates the naming to some time in 2.g (Second class at the gymnasium) where Dmitri was called "mocca-dima". The nickname originated from a Danish commercial which advertised for a certain coffee bean called "Mocca-Djimmah". The pronunciation sounds almost like "Mocca-Dima" and the mocca term kept on haunting the young minds of the crew. Soon after the crew called itself Mocca Crew and it is not because we drink a lot of coffee. Actually the only everyday coffee drinker is Mads. The most of the members drink a cup of coffee once in a while but isn't very fond of the drink.

Mocca movies

Cykeldima fra Ukraine

The idea of making movies arose when the class (3.u) was appointed the task of entertaining at the two times weekly morning gathering (a pause of 15 min. between the first and the second lesson blocks). As the class began to ponder over which sort of entertainment they should deliver for the two morning gatherings the group got the idea of making a spoof on a Danish television show called "Bikerjens i USA" (Biker Jens in USA). Biker Jens was a contestant of the Danish program "Robinson Ekspeditionen" (Expedition Robinson or Survivor). Biker Jens got famous during the broadcasting of this television show because of his outré person - a high school teacher/motorcycle fanatic (Rocker). He got his own program on the Danish TV-station "TV3" where he filmed his journey on a motorcycle across the USA. During this journey he encountered all kinds of odd persons either devoted to an obscure faith or integrated in a little known cultural genre (in Denmark that is anyway). The satirical spoof "Cykel Dima fra Ukraine" made fun of this program by making the Ukrainian born Dmitri cycle to some different places meeting some queer people who, most of them, succeeded in either frightening Dima and making him run away or accused him of some weird crime.

Osnabrúck on fire am main

The "Osnabrück on fire am main" movie was based on the Danish comedy program "Casper of Mandrilaftalen" (Casper and the Mandril agreement) which was made by the highly acclaimed and popular Danish stand-up comedians Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen, Lasse Rimmer and Lars Hjortshøj. The program used the same piece of scenery all the time and was a low-budget concept mostly based on the weird costumes of the characters and exaggerated acting of the comedians. The humour of the program was in a very large consent based of the fact that saying something very articulate and at the same time completely meaningless was funny. The program was also inspired by the English comedy show "Monty Python flying circus" which is the closest foreign show to the program. Osnabrück on fire is a about forty-five minutes long show consisting of several different sketches. The host of the show, which was filmed primarily in Jeppes livingroom is Niels who sometimes is kind of queer in his movements and not always is inquiring, but that is some of the charm of the show. The program depicts such characters as "Falskner Joe" a man who invented his own language based on different hand clapping combinations, "Halfdan Stenmild" a man who can imitate the noises of all animals in the world except that of the Roan, "Hans Stavros" a delirious police officer afraid of broccoli with a hard core, "Saling-Suaq-Slashnikoq" an Inuit necromancer explaining the education program for becoming a necromancer under the polar sky and "Giltoniel Mølbakke" a man who has made a list over things that are not made of felt.


The "Reklamer" anthology is some short commercials made with the objective of making fun of modern day commercialism. They include such commercials as "The Techno Musical Box", "The Growl Piano", "The Terminator Scanner" and the "Junket Breezer". The film was shown at the very last morning gathering when the group was last year students at the gymnasium. The showing of the movie was succeeded by the very last performance by "Høj Bambus".

Mark efter mark

Mark efter mark (Field after field) was an art project the members of Mocca Crew made in their senior year at the gymnasium. It is a meditation over the complex concept of the dream/reality paradox. The movie explores this paradox by creating several layers of dream and/or reality that intertwines in a way that leaves the viewer uncertain of what is reality and what is dream. A post-modern experiment of the narrative possibilities of the screen.


Some side projects has also developed from the lodge. Three of the groups members made a band when they attended Aalborghus gymnasium called "Høj Bambus" (Tall Bamboo) which made the hit "Dø Panda" (Die Panda) and also performed as a cover band with a broad repertoire consisting of Rammstein, Bloodhound Gang, Electric Six, Metallica and The Offspring songs.

A lot of other songs has also been made by the group members. A song called "Les Lanciers remix" which is a techno version of the classical Lanciers song was made by Erik. The group also made the notorious gangster rap song "The Joen Con gangsta rap" a song about on of their teachers. Furthermore a rap song was made by Jeppe about Mads and a phonetic experimental song was made by Erik over the word/sound "Harding-dong".

Coming up

The group is right now working on a second episode of "Osnabrück on fire am main" and a rap song about the lodge which will be available at the website when finished.